Mr Joshi

Mr. Joshi’s philosophy has been clearly enunciated.

He believes that God gives us an opportunity - and it is upto us to take it up.

He believes that God has selected him to do something bigger in life, and it is his privilege to be the chosen one for doing the good work.

 As he says, “It is God’s blessing that we have been chosen for this.”

The amazing thing is, that though by temperament he would be impatient, but with children he has always had a soft corner, and never has his impatience shown through.

His love and attachment for children and for the weaker sections of society has helped him discover a very patient, and calm side to his self.

Maybe that’s why there was a divine plan in giving him THIS opportunity to help him discover how much more patient and persevering he could be, working with specially abled children from poor families.

Right from the beginning of his career, he always created time to teach the more needy children at home. He spent hours with them.

It was like he had some divine inspiration right from the beginning.

A Dialogue with Ms Joshi

Ms Joshi considers herself very fortunate.

She says she has no blood pressure problems, no household related petty things to worry about, no financial assets to worry about, and in fact no time to worry about her aging body.

From the time dawn breaks over the high mountains she is up on her feet, ready to fight the new challenge of the day. The new kid who cannot reach school? The kid who has just reacted violently to a villager making fun of him?

Here’s an excerpt from a dialogue with her.

What is your typical day like?

I wake up early, rush to the challenges for the day. I have no time to think about anything else. I stay healthy because of this. I am grateful to the children of Mangaldeep for keeping me fit and healthy.

Have you ever worried about where the next month’s expenses will be taken care of from?

I believe that there is a universal force which brings help even without us asking. Whenever we run short of funds there is always something which happens which gives us hope – someone writes in, someone promises some funds, someone donates some cash… we never lose hope.

Any instance you recall which made you feel that the universe is supporting you?

Yes, actually. We had identified this machine we needed which was to cost us Rs 10,000. The due date for the payment was approaching and we had no idea where the money would come from.

Meanwhile, an old friend of mine who had been bed-ridden for a long time, sent message that she wanted to meet me. I paid a visit to her and she expressed a wish to pray at the Nanda Devi temple. She had not stepped out the house for a long time, and it was difficult to imagine her walking through the crowded market to visit the Temple. Her family advised her against it but she was adamant. I offered to make it possible for her. With a lot of difficulty we both managed to make it to the temple, she offered her prayers and we returned. When it was time to bid goodbye she handed me a small cloth purse and asked me to keep it. I came back and saw it had Rs 10,000!

I believe that when you do something good, people will help.