Giving a “life skill”

We know that our children cannot live under the protection of Mangaldeep all their lives.

Nature demands that each adult be self-sufficient and earn a living.

Students pack ingredients into packets to be sold in the local market.

We dream that one day our children will be able to take jobs in organizations, like any other child would.  However, that would take a lot of time and resources and innovation.

Today, we have started with what is within our means.

We teach our children skills from two objectives.

Learning Traditional Indian music 

First, learning a skill, any skill, develops the brain, and keeps the child occupied with learning, and out of harm’s way.  That is the starting step for us, to help the child develop his abilities.


Second, some skills will help the child be self-sufficient in his society, in his village. This includes skills like weaving a rug, making candles, etc. He can be fruitfully occupied with these activities, he can even earn some money for this, for which his family will not find him to be a burden – emotionally or financially.

These are some skills which are we currently imparting at Mangaldeep.  We would be keen to hear from you suggestions which would help our kids learn skills which will help them.

Making Colors for Holi from natural substances                                          Making table mats and cushion covers


Making Greeting cards                                                                                       Weaving rugs from pieces of cloth rags which go waste otherwise


Making candles


Over and above our kids have also learnt to grind a spice, pack ingredients into packets, sing, play musical instruments, and draw.