Giving an Education

We believe that education is the right of every child – even if he belongs to the mountains, is poor and does not have the abilities which we take for granted.

We believe that every child must atleast know how to read Hindi, to speak in a way which people around him can understand, to have basic general knowledge, and ability to understand the written and spoken word, and an ability to count or understand numbers.

We have two types of children, if we look at their learning abilities.

One is a child who has a learning disability due to mental development or disorder.  This often is accompanied by a physical disability like hand-eye coordination, being deaf and mute etc.

The other is a child who’s brain is not very different from yours and mine, but he has a physical disability like blindness or deafness etc. which comes in the way of a normal education.

We have teachers who understand the methods that work in teaching in this environment, and who are patient enough to persist.

Over the years, we have been receiving requests from more and more parents who now feel less ashamed to have differently abled children in their homes. Who do not find it a stigma to ask for help. Poor villager parents who came in curiously to look at this wondrous world, where their “useless” children are becoming kids to be proud of. Able, skilled, responsive, expressive, capable. Capable of living within society.

You would be amazed to see some of the work done by our children!