Our Head Mistress Ms. Indu Burathokey

Ms Indu has been a qualified teacher with over 10-15 years of experience in teaching children.

She is a qualified B.Ed. teacher, and has specialization in vocal music, in which she has completed her 6-year course. She also has done her MA in History.

For the visually impaired children, music is a very important area of vocational training, and this has helped Mangaldeep build a strong foundation in this area.

Has been with Mangaldeep, working with heart and soul, for 11 years now.


She has devoted her life to the children at Mangaldeep and has made a big difference in their lives all these years.

She runs the school with a zeal which is unmatched. She handles the curriculum, the facilities maintenance, takes care of the teachers and staff, supports the children, handles the communication and coordination with visitors and well wishers, as well as administrative work of submitting our books of accounts and other statutory requirements.