We need your support!

Mangaldeep has reached where it has, due to support from so many of you.

We have had support from well-wishers who hear about us, drop in, purchase some hand-made cards made by our children, or donate some money to encourage us further.

We have had support from well-wishers who have donated sums of money for specific things like – 1 year’s fees for a teacher, or cost of a machine which we need to buy, etc.

We have had supporters who have helped us in kind – they have helped us overcome administrative difficulties, or helped us generate ideas for our endeavours, or have helped by putting us in touch with someone who can help us, or have helped get our web site ready.

Whenever we have felt like there is darkness and we have wondered where the next help will come from, the “deep” (light) of Mangaldeep has time and again been lit by one of you.

We have come to believe that the universe is full of positive energy, and we will attract it.

We know you too can help and will help us in some way or the other.