The Teachers at Mangaldeep

Mangaldeep would not be what it is without them.

So what IS it like to be a teacher with Mangaldeep?

You get paid very little. The institution is not famous. Things are in a start-up mode – can’t really say we have a Teachers’ Lounge! Ideas are in brimming in the minds, but where are the resources to get the instruction materials and equipments?

Having said that, I must say we have been extremely fortunate about the teachers. We have attracted kind souls with an tremendous positive energy. They come in to work, ready to give it another good day’s work – ready to hold the child’s hand, teach him patiently for the ‘n’ th time, congratulate the child on every small milestone, reprimand patiently where required, and come back the next day for yet another day at work.

Our teachers have sometimes been lucky to get nominated for the Special Teacher’s Training organized by the Government of India at Dehradun, but most of the time it has been difficult – while the Government tries to support us, but there are wheels within wheels and we face a difficulty in getting the training done.

After we do the training for the teachers we find it difficult to retain them, since the training qualifies them for better paying jobs. Some stay on for years because the emotional bond is just too strong, and some move on due to practical and compelling reasons of money.

In a child’s life, especially at Mangaldeep, the teacher becomes the focus point. To retain and attract the qualified and loving teachers we would like to have sponsors who can commit to a year’s teacher’s salary. Please contact us if you would like to help in some way.