Here’s how you can help us.

1.)    Donate money (any amount which is a gesture of your goodwill is welcome) by sending a cheque/ DD/ MO to :

Payable to:-  Mangaldeep Vidya Mandir


 Shri J C Joshi,
 Diggi Bungalow,
 Almora 263601,

We will send you a receipt which entitles you for a tax deduction too.

2.)    Send us your ideas on this email:-

Tell us what we can do to attract more funds, or to help our children learn more skills, or to help our children be more self-sufficient.


3.)    Support the fees of one teacher for one year

This would be an amount of Rs 3500 to Rs 5000 per month.  Your commitment towards this will help us focus our energies in our pursuits, instead of worrying about where the next month’s salary will come from.


4.)    Help us buy a new machine or equipment. Or Donate the equipment. 

We find these equipments useful:

 - table/chairs

              - music instruments

 - books and pens

- tools for teaching deaf/mute/blind/ mentally retarded children – this could be special books, learning aids, posters, toys etc

     - machines which the child can use to make something useful – could be a machine to grind spices, could be a machine to make candles, could  be a machine to make recycled paper, etc.

     -  machines to build abilities of our children – for example the exercycle has helped. We have a tricycle. It could be any machine which helps the child build skills of physical coordination or mental ability.

 There would be many more such ideas which we would welcome from you.


5.)    We need land. We would like to separate out the school for the Mentally Retarded from the Physically Disabled.

If you can donate money towards this initiative, or donate land in and around Almora, we will be able to run our endeavours on a larger scale.

We are setting up a fund for acquiring the land – we know it may take forever, but we will make a start. We are hopeful that someone will come forward and donate land / space which we can use.


6.)    Your time and professional involvement

Our time on this planet is finite, and one day we will not be here to run the Institution.

Can you come forward and take up a long term running of this Institution? Can you come forward and commit that you will support, manage, run Mangaldeep?

You could be a corporate sponsor who wants to return back to society, and we would be the route for you.

You could be an individual who feels you have gained a lot in your life, and it is now your turn to return back to society. You could help.

Please write to us and let us talk.

Finally, Mangaldeep will continue to make a difference to children’s  lives only with a combined support from all of you and us.